Mary’s travels have enlarged her work. Whilst abroad, she photographs and sketches her surroundings. For example, Mary made studies of the buildings of Saigon and Cardiff’s Chinese twin town of Xiamen which she used to create the finished works in the studio. In addition, a special visit to St Pol de Leon, Penarth’s twin town in Brittany resulted in the painting of its churches, Arts Centre and streets of stone houses. Recent visits to Brussels, Palma and Barcelona expanded Mary’s interest in Art Nouveau and early 20th century architecture.

The People’s Palace, Saigon, Vietnam. Pen and Watercolour.


Sydney Opera House, Australia. Pen and Watercolour.


Mesquita, Cordoba, Spain. Pen and Watercolour.


Marie Cathedral,  Saint Pol de Leon, Brittany. Pen & Watercolour


An Entrance to The Alcazar Gardens, Seville, Spain. Pen and Watercolour.


Art Nouveau in Palma, Majorca. Mixed Media


A Provencal Garden. Watercolour.



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